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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Boomerang Coast to Coaster
Not Open Yet
Guests upside down on Boomerang coaster
FF Ride
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Boomerang Coast to Coaster
A round-trip ride for warriors.

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A Round-Trip Ride for Warriors. 

The boomerang was invented by ancient Australian tribes as the ultimate weapon. What’s the benefit of the boomerang over a plain old stick? When you throw it, it slices through the air and then comes right back to you. But what happens if you hurl a mega-ton steel train down 935 feet of track at nearly 50 miles per hour? And what if we threw in three mind-ripping loops to get in your way? You’re gonna fly through this monster and then return to the starting point.

First, you and 27 of your fellow passengers are going to pile into a long, sleek train which will waste no time in yanking you up to a spiking 120 feet in the sky. Hang out up there for a second, because you’re going to need all the momentum you can get to tackle this ridiculous flight path.

Then, just like that classic weapon leaving a proud warrior’s hand, you’ll be released powerfully forward down the track. You’ll take on a courage-zapping double inversion cobra roll. This cutting edge loop design flips you upside down, then traces a dip that looks like the head of a hooded snake, before flipping you over again. Now that you’re warmed up, how about conquering a 120-foot vertical loop?

You’ll get thrown through this so fast, you’ll be totally out of breath as the track curls up into the sky for a relaxing pause, hanging nearly straight up in the air. Sitting at the top of the rail, take a second to collect yourself, because now the Boomerang is going to live up to its name. You’re going all the way back to the beginning, the way you came—only this time you’re doing it backwards. That’s another vertical loop, and another double-headed cobra you’re going to take on as you fly right back to where you started. Then and only then will you truly be able to call yourself a proud warrior!


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