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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
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A Slithering Serpent with Serious Bite!

Sure, this elaborately modeled, snake-themed junior coaster looks tame enough. But you should never trust a snake, because this fast-paced jaunt will keep your whole family coiled up in nonstop fun!

As the giant snake pulls into the station you’ll notice a larger-than-life cobra head is hissing front of this slithering ride, and you’ll be riding on its scaly back. The snake train is so long the head and tail probably don’t know what each other are doing. But wherever you ride, this course will bring out the snake charmer in you.

Race around the track as smooth as a real snake, with long, sloping curves, and cruising twists that’ll keep you glued to your chair in slinking suspense. Your serpent-like train stretches out through the 1,200-foot-long course. He whips his tail around bends and hisses over hills, lifting 26 feet off the ground while slithering at a breezy 22 miles per hour.

You’ll hug the ground, staying low as the snake gets ready to strike. Then this cobra pulses up to pivot around a tight turn, reminding you who’s in charge. You never know when that snake is going to turn on you!

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