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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
HIP Ride
Min Height*
There can only be one king.

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There can only be one king.

You’ll go ape! This is one serious gorilla of a ride. Strap into this steel suspended looping coaster, with your feet dangling in the air below you, and climb up a gnarly tangle of red and gold track so twisted you won’t believe they can even get a roller coaster to run on it.

You can beat your fists on your chest all you want on the long haul up to the top of the first 115-foot hill. We get it—you’re brave, you’re tough, but we’ll see what you’re really made of in about 30 seconds, because nothing will stop this jungle racer from cresting that first nerve-jangling drop.

Right away you will plummet down from a merciless 108-foot height. Still feeling courageous? At this point you’ll have the respect of the jungle for simply hanging on! Next is the heartline loop – a startling inversion in the shape of a heart that flips you head over heels, twice, in two seconds, at a pulse-pounding 50 miles per hour. Save some room in your heart for all those extra G’s you’ll be taking. Now a sidewinder loop twists you mid-flip just to keep you on your toes, which will be flinging over your head.

Finally the ape stretches out over a seemingly endless run of twists. You seriously will have no idea which way is up and which way is down through this section of the track, which you’ll be relieved to hear is widely regarded by fans as one of the smoothest and fastest of its kind.


Location in Park

By The Numbers

Top Speed
55 mph
115 feet
2,170 feet
2 minutes, 5 seconds
May 1998
Vekoma, International

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