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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight
Temporarily Closed
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight
HIP Ride
Min Height
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight - Returning Soon!
Soar over record-breaking loops.

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Soar Over Record-Breaking Loops.

Look up in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane… it could be you. This heroically-proportioned 150-foot tall steel champion is not just one of the most creative and insanely designed roller coasters you will ever ride. More importantly, you will get to experience the world through Superman's eyes.

Step over the threshold of the giant iconic letter S, and into the world of stupendous speed and effortless fluidity. The red and gold tracks shoot in front of and behind you just like the blur of Superman's cape, as you travel at hyper-sonic speeds most humans have never known.

You’ll launch out of the station from a standstill through a warping tunnel to a whopping 62 miles per hour in only a couple of seconds. But you’re just getting started. First you have to build up the momentum to even get up onto this steep mammoth track. So back through the launch station you go, this time in reverse, building up even more thrust. Now firing like a rocket ship you zoom back through the station again, for the final launch up, up, and away. You’re really flying now!

A couple of unexpected, world-class twists will warm you up for an utterly unique non-inverting loop. With the grace of Superman, your train swivels over the top of the loop, so you’re actually riding the outside of the track. There is a sense of total fluidity and control as you maneuver this track. You sail over the heartline loop – quite simply one of the tallest inversions in the world. Secured by a lap-bar restraint, you have a wide open view of the world as it blurs past you, while soaring through the air like an adventurous superhero.






Location in Park

By The Numbers

Top Speed
62 mph
15 stories
863 feet
60 seconds
Premier Rides
Key Features
Launch coaster using electromagnetic propulsion, two upside-down twists, two vertical rolls. Tallest inversion west of the Mississippi, ranked alongside the top tallest inversions in the world.

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