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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
HIP Ride
Min Height*
Take a bouncy climb to the top of Kidzopolis.

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Take a Bouncy Climb to the Top of Kidzopolis.

The rough and rowdy life a rancher is full of unexpected thrills. Life at the rodeo isn’t always a smooth climb to the top. Now your little cowboys and cowgirls can ride a bouncy, pouncy junior tower lift to get a great view of the prairie!

Take a seat on the long bench under one of the big white cowboy hats and climb all the way to the top a 20-foot tall tree so you can keep an eye on all the cows.

But look out, because what goes up must come down, and soon the whole gang will come bouncing down in a wobbly, jiggly ride. But never too fast, as this tower drop is definitely for the younger rodeo riders. You’ll jounce and flounce in fits and starts, drop down, then glide back up, then spring back down — those silly cows won’t be able to keep track! You may not moo but you’ll definitely have a laugh attack!

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