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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
Tips for Family Fun

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Tips for Family Fun

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about making the most of a day at Six Flags. These tips will help ensure that you have a fun and memorable experience.

  1. To take advantage of the best discounts and to plan for the activities you care about most, call for park information and show schedules before visiting. For special events, concerts and general park information, call 847-249-1776.
  2. Plan to visit when attendance is lightest. Best bets: weekdays during the summer and any regular operating day during the months of May, June, and September.
  3. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt for cool evenings. You can store it in the lockers near the main gate.
  4. Six Flags is a smoke-free environment. Guests cannot smoke anywhere in the park except for the designated smoking areas. Please see map for details.
  5. Arrange a meeting place and time, just in case your party becomes separated.
  6. Stop by Stroller Rental if you need a stroller, wheelchair or electronically controlled vehicle. Come early, they’re rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
  7. Review the park map to familiarize yourself with the park’s layout and help plan your day.
  8. Also to help you plan your day, check the show schedule, available on the Six Flags app.
  9. Head over to your favorite rides when the park first opens — the lines will be shorter.
  10. To save time, eat at non-traditional lunch and dinner hours.
  11. Make sure children feel comfortable with a ride before they board.
  12. When Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is open — from Memorial Day through Labor Day — be sure to bring your swimsuit, towel and additional beach gear. Hurricane Harbor is FREE with a Season Pass or Membership. Not a Member or Season Pass Holder? No worries, you can add Hurricane Harbor onto your day for an additional fee that you can purchase at the Hurricane Harbor Entry Gate!
  13. Utilize the Kid Swap program — Kid Swap is a program designed for Guests traveling with a small child, and the child is too short to ride.
    1. After waiting through the actual ride line, the first adult will notify the Ride Operator that he/she would like to do a Kid Swap.
    2. If a Kid Swap card has not already been issued for the day, they will be issued a Kid Swap card after their ride.
    3. The second adult(s) will return to the ride through the exit and inform the Attendant that they are with the (Family Name) Kid Swap and will be boarded as soon as an empty seat becomes available.
    4. The card will be given back to the Guest upon ride boarding.
  14. During Fright Fest Camp Cartoon, Kidzopolis, and Hometown Park are not available on Friday and after 5pm on Saturday and Sundays. 

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