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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
New Jersey
Big Bambu and Reef Runner
Family Ride
Min Height
Big Bambu and Reef Runner
Don’t be afraid of going vertical.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Going Vertical — There’s Strength in Numbers.

Piling your whole family or a gang of friends onto one of these slides’ jumbo-sized rafts will be easy. However, choosing which one of the two steep, slick, and snaking slides to ride down may be more challenging, because they are both incredibly fun. Reef Runner is an open-topped chute, and as you snake through the sky you can practically reach out and tag the treetops.

Big Bambu, on the other hand, is totally enclosed, which means you’ll be riding those curves in complete and terrifying darkness. These two snakes have a couple things in common though, both are a whopping 14-feet wide, which means you’ll all be sliding up the walls on every curve. Oh, and both end in a six story tall drop!

Whichever slide you pick, your entire entourage will be plummeting down a ridiculously steep 64-foot slope together into the pool. Don’t worry, real friends won’t bust you for screaming.

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