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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Black Hole
Black Hole
Thrill Ride
Min Height*
Black Hole
The most awesome slide in the universe.

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The Most Awesome Slide in the Universe.

A black hole is one of the least understood and most feared phenomena in the universe. It’s so powerful that nothing can escape its grasp, not even light. Anything that gets yanked down into its unfathomable depths will never be seen again. Now, you’ll be seen again at the end of this unbelievably thrilling excursion into deep space, but along the way you’ll get a true taste of what it feels like to fall through a black hole!

The relentlessly coiling tower of enclosed tube slides looms large over the entire park. Standing 80 feet in the sky, the twin routes of the Black Hole will seem like one of the most intimidating water thrill rides you've ever seen.

Jump onto a two-person raft and tiny flickering lights will glisten like stars as you speed-plummet deeper and deeper into oblivion.


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