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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Thrill Ride
Min Height
Six stories. All air.

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Six Stories. All Air.

The middle resident of the terrifying complex housing Der Stuka and Dive Bomber wants you to know he’s just as gut-wrenchingly insane as his roommates. There is some debate among water slide fans as to which of these three is the ultimate thrill, but at the end of this day you’re going to have the final say.

Stare up at the seven story tower and brace yourself for the challenge. Did we mention this slide is going to take some serious guts to master? Here’s why Geronimo just might have the edge over its competitors: unlike his neighbors, Geronimo starts off with a short horizontal section of super slick slide, and this moving start allows you to gain speed and momentum prior to hitting the impossibly tall 60-foot slide. You’re cresting over the top with the airtime already built in. In fact, get ready for about 6 stories of sheer airtime.

Then as your body bends onto the vertical section. you realize this slope is even steeper than Der Stuka! You’ll barely be touching the slide at all, just plummeting to the pool in a spray of water and bravery. Now which one of these bad boys is the meanest in town? Looks like you’re going to have to hike up seven stories again to answer that question!


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