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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Hydra Maniac
Thrill Ride
Min Height
Hydra Maniac
Extreme bravery is encouraged when approaching these maniacs.

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Extreme Bravery is Encouraged When Approaching These Maniacs.

Towering in the sky, Hydra Maniac is a completely loony complex of four ultra-fast water slides, made strictly for speed fiends who are crazy enough to devote their lives to thrill-seeking fun. Nestled right next to Suntan Lagoon and in the shadow of the Black Hole, you’ll find this tower of insanity known as Hydra Maniac. There are four super fun watery routes to choose from, but whichever course you take, you’re guaranteed a crazy good time.

All four tubes are fully enclosed, which means you’ll be kissing that blue sky goodbye for the duration of your journey. Less visibility means you’ll pretty much have absolutely no idea what’s coming next, as you navigate every curve and bend at a moment’s notice. You’ll have to think with your feet as you are hustled from one insane bump to the next. On these ultra-fast tube slides, you’ll feel light as air as you’re cutting through curves and careening over sudden drops on a bed of swiftly moving rushing water. Trust us, you’ll be relieved when you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Hydra Tube

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