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Six Flags New England
Six Flags New England
Thrill Capital of New England
Family Ride
Min Height*
Never trust a cat!

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Never Trust a Cat!

Cat lovers beware! Everyone’s favorite villainess, CATWOMAN, has devised a new mousetrap! Sure, this GOTHAM-themed junior coaster looks tame enough, but you should never trust a cat. This fast-paced jaunt will keep your whole family purring with nonstop fun!

As the cat-mobile pulls into the station you’ll see that CATWOMAN rides in style. Your seat is modeled like a classic GOTHAM automobile. But when CATWOMAN cracks the whip, this car delivers modern speed.

The sloping, curving figure-8 track looks just like a whip in the air. But you’ll dart around the track as light and agile as a cat, with long, cruising twists that’ll keep you glued to your chair in slinking suspense. The course is nearly 1,200 feet-long, because you’ll need that much distance for this cat to fully stretch out its tail as it leaps around bends and hisses over hills, lifting 26 feet off the ground at a breezy 22 miles per hour. It’s faster than a kiddie ride, but mild enough for younger kittens ready to get their paws into a more exciting ride.

You’ll hug the ground, staying low as this cat gets ready to pounce, then pivot around tight turns like the crack of a whip. CATWOMAN never lets you forget who’s in charge!


Location in Park

By The Numbers

Year Introduced
Top Speed
22 MPH
26 Feet
Track Length
1181 Feet
60 Seconds

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