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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Boomtown Depot
Family Ride
Min Height*
Boomtown Depot
This chug’s for you!

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Ride the Rails with a Gust of Steam!

What’s the classiest way to get around? By steam engine of course!  All aboard at Boomtown Depot, for the Six Flags Railroad, the classic steam engine train ride that’s been running in the park for more than five decades.

There’s always a train that leaving for Texas just around the bend, so get ready to take a ride deep into Boomtown.

Your train is departing for a relaxed-pace, scenic ride through the park. This railroad first saw service in Louisiana sugar cane fields. It has been circling the park on a one-mile track since 1961. Rich in history, the Jefferson Patton train is over 100 years old. 

Check out the steam engine design of the engine car, with a wide grille and classic locomotive wheels. It looks authentic because it is! You’re riding on a working steam engine built more than a century ago. Obviously, these beautiful trains were built to last!



Location in Park

By The Numbers

Top Speed
7 mph
8 minutes each way
H.K. Porter/Ameican Locomotive Works

What Our Guests Say

  • - Jamie C From Rowlett, Tx
  • "Our kids love the fresh air, funny tales and of course, the unique scenery along the route. :)"
    - Cyndi From Keller, Tx
  • "The kids love waving to people, and I enjoy sharing an experience I had when I was little!"
    - Dana H From Ft Worth, Tx
  • "The Boomtown Depot took us back to the old days of riding the rails! "
    - Coeli W From Lantana, Tx

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