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Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis
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SFSL Group Sales - Educational
Educational Groups

Whether it’s for a reward, end-of-year celebration, senior trip or educational experience, we provide the perfect adventure for your class. The extraordinary thrills will provide an unforgettable day of memories for your group. Teachers will appreciate the ease of booking the trip and the savings offered by our special school rates.

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Six Great Reasons to Host Your Next School Event at Six Flags

Six Flags has what you need, whether you are looking for a special reward opportunity or a unique learning venue. Here are six reasons why a trip to Six Flags is perfect for your class:

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Experience Six Flags Physics Day from Home!
Add a whole new meaning to "the thrill of learning" by connecting your curriculum to Six Flags. Take a virtual ride on some of our most popular rides, and learn about the physics behind these attractions.

View Log Flume POV Video

View Ninja POV Video

View BATMAN: The Ride POV

After your ride download our workbook to learn about what you experienced. The workbook is suitable for Grade 6 and up.


Download Ride Workbook

This is just a taste of what Six Flags offers at Physics Day/STEM Day. A visit to Six Flags is a fun and engaging way to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom as well as reward students for a job well done. We hope to see you at Physics Day in 2021!

Discount Pricing for Educational Groups
Educational groups receive special rates and discounts on tickets to Six Flags. The size of your discount depends on the size of your group.


Groups of 100 or More

Groups of 100 or more can save over 50% off the cost of regular admission tickets.To learn more about bringing your group of 100 or more to the park, please call 636-938-5300 x6288.

Groups of 10 to 99

Smaller groups of 10 to 99 students also receive special pricing on tickets to Six Flags. Buy your tickets at least 10 business days in advance and pay as little as $30.49 (plus tax) per student, depending on your visit date -- a savings of over $38 per person! 

Purchase within 10 business days for tickets to be mailed back to you and to receive complimentary admission for every 15 pre-purchased tickets.  Orders received less than ten business days in advance will be held at Guest Relations for pick up on the day of your visit.

Online Ordering of 10-99 tickets: Buy 10-99 tickets online and print them immediately with Print-N-Go. Orders of 50-99 can also be shipped. Online orders require credit card payment and are subject to tax.

Tax Exempt Groups

Tax exemption is not eligible with online purchases. Please mail or phone in your order for tax exemption purposes. You can download and print our order form to complete your order by mail.

In-Park Catering Services

Our catered outings offer a complete day of food and fun for groups of 100 or more without breaking the bank. Take the guesswork out of food planning and let our trained, expert staff take the lead. Choose from signature picnic staples like burgers and hot dogs or enjoy chicken, pasta, steak, desserts and more.

Every package includes park admission and an all-you-can-eat buffet so absolutely no-one leaves hungry. Plus, the entire picnic experience takes place in your own private pavilion where you and your crew will truly be treated like VIPs. You can even customize your day with fun add-ons like souvenir photos, private shows, caricature artists, games, DJs, face painters and more.

Our Picnic Grove can accommodate groups of 100 to 20,000 so it's the perfect venue for both the smallest and largest group outings. Large groups can even plan the ultimate getaway with an exclusive event that includes private access to the entire park for a truly unique and unforgettable experience – all for often less than the regular admission price. Leave the planning to us and focus on spending a fun-filled day with your group. We promise you take all the credit.

On select school exclusive educational days, Groups of 10-99 can purchase a catered package. Please see our events page for dates and details! 

Performance Opportunities
Each season, we welcome local acts from around the Midwest to perform at the park.


Six Flags welcomes a variety of groups in the arts to showcase themselves at the park. Our Celebrate the Arts program welcomes marching bands to dance groups to band and choir ensembles – to perform in our theme park! Special group rates are offered for groups of 15 or more!


Celebrate the Arts
This year we are pleased to offer bands, choirs, dance teams, and performing arts' groups of many varieties the opportunity to showcase their performance at Six Flags St. Louis.

Celebrate the Arts is open to application for any performing arts group that would like to showcase their talents at a venue that is sure to get your group recognized. Desired performance date and time is subject to blackout and availability.

For more information, please visit our Celebrate the Arts page.

Educational Events (SFSL)

We host a number of special educational events just for schools and youth groups. Many of these events are designed to meet special curricular standards.

SFSL School Group FAQs

Pricing and Admission 

Are there any other fees I should know about?

There is a one-time processing fee added on to your entire order (not per ticket), both online and via order form.

Can I wait and pay for my tickets when I get to the park?

No; all cash group orders are pre-paid and must be paid in full before we can process your order. We do have a walk-up group rate, however it is more costly. No chaperone tickets or discounted parking are offered with the walk-up group rate.

How does our group receive the Tax Exempt rate?

To receive the tax exempt rate, your group must provide a copy of your STATE sales tax exempt letter at the time of purchase. We do accept all states, however please note a federal tax exempt letter will not be accepted. Please make sure your letter specifically says your organization is exempt from paying STATE sales taxes. We do require a copy of the actual letter, not just the tax number. Our auditor requires groups to submit one every year, so even groups who have previously visited must submit their letter. Tax Exemption is not offered when purchasing online.

Planning Your Visit 

How do we place our group order?

There are three options when purchasing tickets: 1) Groups may print off an order form, fill it out and mail it in, along with payment and a copy of your current state sales tax exempt letter to Six Flags St. Louis; 2) an order may be given over the phone if paying with credit, tax exempt form may be faxed or emailed; 3) a completed order form may be faxed over, along with a copy of the tax exempt form and a staff member will call you to get your credit card information over the phone. (Please note-tax exempt groups may also purchase online, however tax exempt status may NOT be used online-no refunds will be given. (However, chaperone tickets are ALWAYS given when purchasing online, regardless of when the tickets were purchased).

Food and Meals 

Our group is purchasing the picnic combo. Where do we go for the all-you-can-eat buffet?

The buffet will be served in our World’s Fair Catering Grove (across from First Cone ice cream shoppe). Each group will be assigned a specific pavilion and the food will be ready for you once your group has entered. Each pavilion has its own buffet and soda machines. There are bathrooms available in the picnic grove as well.

I am not eating, but want to sit with my group while they eat. Do I have to purchase the picnic buffet to sit with them?

To enter the catering grove, you must have a meal ticket. While purchasing a picnic combo is not required to attend on an Educational Day, it is required to enter the catering grove. Teachers and chaperones also must have a catering ticket to enter the catering grove.

Do you offer any discounts on food?

On our Educational Days we offer a picnic combo. The price of the ticket includes admission in to the park, as well as an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you do not want to purchase the buffet, we offer meal vouchers on our order forms. These will generally save you about 15% - 20% over purchasing meals individually in the park. Please check group order form for pricing and meal options. There are also several restaurants open throughout the park.

A few of the members of my group have a season pass. How do I purchase the buffet option for them?

A meal only ticket is offered for season pass holders on the order form. (Please note, season passes are not valid on Senior Day).

Can I bring food from the theme park into the catering grove with me?

Yes, as long as you have a catering ticket you may enter the catering grove and bring food with you.

Can I go into the catering grove and bring my food out with me?

All food must be consumed in the catering grove before exiting.

Can I enter and leave the Catering Grove as many times as I want during my meal time?

Once you have entered the catering grove, you may not exit and re-enter. Your catering ticket is collected upon entrance to the catering grove and you must have a ticket to enter the area. However, you are welcome to stay in the catering grove for your entire lunch period!

General Questions 

Who can attend the Educational Days?

Only schools are allowed to visit the park on our Educational Days. We are closed to the general public.

What are Educational Days?

Our educational days are days offered in April and May where we are only open to schools. On these days, an educational element is offered for students to participate in while visiting the park. Please see our website for a more in depth explanation on each of our Educational Days.

Is there a place for my large group to meet during our visit?

The World’s Fair Catering Grove is the perfect spot to host a catered event. The catering grove provides a designated area for your group to enjoy time together during your day of fun.

If available, groups are also allowed to rent space in one of our theatres for meetings.

How do I go about receiving pricing for my large group?

Large groups work with a local Account Executive to help customize and plan your event. Please call (636)-938-5300 x6288 to be placed with your Account Executive.

How will I get my tickets?

If the tickets are purchased at least 14 days in advance from your visit date they will be mailed to the address given on the form. If it is less than 14 days, the tickets will be left at Guest Relations under the contact’s name that is on the group order form to be picked up on the day of your visit. If you purchase online, that is a print-and-go system and the tickets may be printed off at home. (Please note-if you have trouble printing you may bring your confirmation email to Guest Relations and they will print your tickets for you for a small fee.)

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, credit cards, or money orders. Please note, to be considered a group you must pay with one form of payment (no multiple checks, no multiple cards etc.). Purchase orders are not accepted.

What do I need when I am placing my group order?

When purchasing, you will need your number of tickets needed, a copy of your current STATE sales tax exempt letter (if applicable), and payment.

Is my school required to participate in the educational activities to attend?

We do not require anyone to participate in the educational element! Some schools require the educational portion to be able to go on a field trip, which is why it is offered. We certainly have plenty of schools who come out just to enjoy the park!

Pricing and Admission 

How many people are considered a "group"?

Our normal group is considered 10 or more people. Because our Educational Days are a special event, we do not require a minimum as we understand that some schools may not have enough students to meet that minimum. THE GROUP MINIMUM IS 10+ ON ANY REGULAR OPERATING DAY. If your group totals over 100, please contact ext. 6288 for more information as the following information may not apply to you.

Annual Flash Sale 

How much is parking?

If you purchase at least 10 business days in advance, you may purchase discounted parking at $20 per vehicle. This price is regardless of vehicle size and you may purchase as many parking passes as you need as long as you are purchasing 10 business days in advance. If you do not purchase 10 business days in advance, you can purchase parking when you arrive at $25 per vehicle. Please note-discounted parking is NOT available online.

What are the options for a group of 100 or more?

For groups of 100 or more guests, events are customizable. Some options include: deeply discounted admission tickets (valid 1 day or the entire season), catered picnics, and online discounts.

When do I need to order my tickets by?

Groups that order at least 10 business days before their visit date will receive one free chaperone ticket for every 15 group tickets purchased, as well as discounted parking. Groups ordering less than 10 business days in advance will still receive the group rate, but no free chaperone tickets or discounted parking will be available. The last possible time to order your tickets is by noon the day before your visit. If you are ordering the picnic combo, you must purchase 10 business days in advance for our culinary services department to order the food for your group. (Please note that the group sales department is not open on the weekends, therefore no one will be available to take your order on Saturday and Sunday. If your group would like to come on a Monday, we would need your order by noon on Friday).

I already placed my group order, but I need to add additional tickets. How do I do this?

Once you have purchased with us, you may purchase additional group tickets at our Guest Relations window on the day of your visit. Bring your receipt from your original purchase (or your confirmation email if you purchased online) to Guest Relations to show them you have already purchased at the group rate. The contact on the order form must purchase the additional tickets, because the original form must be used to add more tickets to the group order. (Please note-this applies to admission tickets only. Any picnic combo tickets must be ordered at least 10 business days before your visit date as our food service department needs time to order the correct amount of food.)

What are "chaperone tickets"?

Chaperone tickets are the free tickets you receive when purchasing at least 10 business days before your visit date. You will receive one free ticket for every 15 group tickets purchased and they can be used by anyone attending with the group. While we do allow smaller groups to purchase tickets at the group rate on our Educational Days, you still must purchase a minimum of 15 tickets to receive complimentary chaperone tickets.

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